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Since the appearance of the game industry, robots were always a good theme to exploite. You can find simple games from 1989 wich were played, until today were the robot games are more evolved and complex, with a lot of variety of gameplays.

One of the first robot PC games was One Must Fall : 2097 , appeared in 1995, and was a 3D fighting game, where you could choose one of 10 robots to be your fighter. It wasn't a very complex game being based on the idea of fights betwen robots. Each robot had his own features and abilities, and also special powers.

The sequel continued with One Must Fall: Battlegrounds, where you could find a bigger variety of robots from wich you could choose and also, a arcade style game.

After One Must Fall, an RTS with robots was released: Robo Rumble. In this game you could control an army of robots from the beginning. You had to build an HQ, to build barracks, and other stuffs. The game graphics evolved, being one of the first 3D engine RTS's. With this graphics you could experience, particle-based explosions, fog and dust , dynamic lights and other visiual effects. The gameplay of this game put's an accent on the robots actions, rather the resources gathering.

Another big robots PC game series was Heavy Gear relesed by Activision in 1997. This was an robot action game were you are a robot that have to do a series of missions. The complexity of the game is bigger than One Must Fall, and Robo Rumble, and also the complexity of the robots evolved. The robots from Heavy gear have a lot of weapons wich you can use to destory your enemies, but also the movement of the robots is more complex. Also the robots were equipped with night vision, zoom vision and precise targets. The frachise continued with Heavy gear 2 in 1999. This was one of the greatest PC games from 1999. The game came with new weapons, new missions wich were more difficult to pass, more complexity for the enemies. Also the robots recived a new and improved graphic, and more abilities such as the stelth sensor wich you could measure how good was your disguising.

Activision released in 1989 another robots PC games sequel: MechWarrior, wich is one of the most popular robot pc game series. The idea for this game was the same as in the Heavy Gear case.

Activision held the franchise until the MechWarrior 3, when Atari bought it. But Atari did't held it over to much, and solded to Microprose, wich at their own turn sold it to Microsoft Studio where the franchise is today. Microsoft also bought MechCommander an RTS made from the MechWarrior idea. Microsoft Studios made from MechWarrior one of the biggest robots game ever. MechWarrior 4 camed with new graphics, new story line, a new gameplay. The robot were also modified, and got a new look, a more futuristic one. They no longer looked like iron ostriches, but took a humanoid form. The weapons recived laser beams, and other stuffs.

Also MechWarrior was the first robot PC game series that was released for Playstation, and is expected to appear the MAC version.

Robots games got an extra help from movies and TV series. Many robot games where made from the idea of movies or TV series, like Transformer or Beast Wars. Beast Wars Transformers was a PC robot game that incorporates the idea of the Beast Wars TV series. In this game you could choose to be one of the three animal-robots: Optimus Primal, Dinobot or Megatron. The storyline of the game is following the TV series storys. The games has only a singleplayer campaine, wich is very fun to play. The levels are very complex, with lots of puzzels, and tasks that you have to do to pass. The game also was released on the console Playstation.

If Beast Wars Transformers doesn't follow very accurately the TV series story, Tranformes The Movies, respects very accurately the story from the movie. Even if you can "change" the movie by playing with the Decepticons and defeat the Autobots, this campain follows the Decepticons story from the movie. The Autobots campaine is the same thing.

The game was released by Activision in 2007 at very short time after the movie appeared. The graphics and the phisics of the game were impressive and got a a touch of reality. For example the robots footprins are like craters, and the buildings destroys when you touch them. The gameplay was very simple, you where restricted in the world searching, and the missions weren't well balanced.

After this game was released Tranformers The Fallen, and was the same basic idea from the movie. The new stuff wich this game comes are the character updating by points, and a more complex graphic. But the gameplay and the story line is the same as the Transformers The Movie.

The greatest Tranformers game was Transformers: War for Cybertron. This is a FPS game with the Unreal Tournament engine. The only thing you have to do is to kill your opponents. But the complexity of the game is impresive. You can choose from a wide rage of robots, and also you have a wide rage of weapons and abilities. There are also a wide rage of maps where you can choose where the battles are held.

Robots will always be a good theme for video games. As the technology evolves, gamers from all arownd the world would demand more complex games with robots or cyborgs.


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